miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

Reseña de Maria Cristina Azcona

The story of Arun and Sona incarnates modern love, and its annoying difficulties: The resilience of feelings against “the wheel of times”. Its strength in front of others intervention, and the authenticity of their feelings
beyond physical distance. A young man, a young girl, who love each other passionately, must surpass the hills of incomprehension and the tempest of their own imprudence, fruit of their youthful obsessions.
The author conciliates beautiful easthetics of poetry techniques and a coherent development of the argument in a perfect manner. Mantains a
logical relationship among atmosphere and heart. His description of rain mixed with the perspiration of love and tears, is a well done image of human fervor as a necessary part of Nature. Blindness as a result of mist is other one. The author succeeds, as always, in his purpose and brings to us an amusing tale not foreign to profound matters. Those which usually hide from the myopia of pragmatic, but survive to those who are tough to love suffering.
This particular style is his peerless signature, but besides, the envelope that contains an accurate thought and a lucid way of considering life.
Nikesh Murali is not only an amusing story teller. He is able to perceive the root of nowadays heart dilemmas.
Surely, he is called to be one of those booming writers from whom everybody expects anxiously his next work, saying: “ I cannot wait to read his novel”.

María Cristina Azcona.

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